How To Change Your Morning Routine To Make Your Days Happy And Productive

Morning routine

How To Change Your Morning Routine To Make Your Days Happy And Productive

Have you been waking up in the morning and jumping straight into your chores/work/duties and then later in the day worry about not having time for yourself? As homemakers, we all tend to put our interests in the back burner. The first thought as we wake up is about things we need to do so that everyone else at home have a smooth day. There begins the chase where we keep running behind the day and it just keeps slipping away. Did you know that you can create the day and life you want by changing your morning habits. By changing your morning routine you can bring about a whole lot of change in how your day is spent. To make your days happy and productive, you have to start with happy mornings. Gradually, these happy days  adds up to a happy and content life. 

I used to be a 7 am kind of person, and usually it was my kid who used to wake me up. My mornings were alright and days went fine. But now with school and office functioning at home, my hands are full all the time. There was hardly any time to do things that I wanted to do. by the end of the day I would be all grumpy and tired. That is when I stumbled upon this early morning idea and tried it. Mainly because those are the quietest hours in my house, before everybody else is awake. The very thought of that quiet me-time, first thing in the morning is enough motivation to get me out of the bed. Earlier my first thought after waking up was “I need to hurry” it is “take it slow”. Since I started doing this, I find myself being more energetic, more organized and in much better mood the whole day. 

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Miracle morning Routine

Morning routines form the foundation of productivity for your day. The best morning routines are a set of tasks that you accomplish that starts off your day on the best note. You will feel positive about the day as you have begun right and now it will be easier to move from one task to another as the day follows. So it is quite important that you figure out what works for you or makes you feel good. The idea is to keep doing these tiny tasks as a part of your morning routines consistently and soon the brain will be programmed to do them sub consciously; just like brushing your teeth in the morning, you don’t plan a time for it, you just do it as soon as you wake up. By following a consistent morning routine you are building daily habits that in turn pave way to the life that you have always wanted.

Hal Erod, the author of the book, the Miracle Morning suggests 6 habits – SAVERS, Miracle morning routine.

S — — Silence (Meditation)

A — — Affirmations (Positivity, Gratitude)

V — — Visualization (Focus on goals)

E — — Exercise (Healthy body)

R — — Reading (Healthy mind)

S — — Scribing (Clarity of thoughts)

Read on to find out how to create a morning routine to make the best of your day. 

how to wake up early in the morning?

Waking up early is a very important step to get your day on track. The first hurdle you might have to cross would be the urge to hit the snooze button. But think of it this way, snoozing is a form of procrastination. If you start your day by procrastinating, then you will be doing it pretty much all day long. 

If you are struggling to wake up early, here are some tricks you might want to try.

Start by waking up 5 min early every day, until your body clock is tuned. Put the alarm/phone away, such that you have to get up from the bed to switch it off. Set an alarm on your google home. This way you have to talk to switch off the alarm.  Also, make sure your alarm is something that will not startle you, instead ease you out of sleep. Do not snooze, instead plan a thing or two to do as soon as you switch off the alarm. Drinking a glass of water, doing your washroom rituals etc in a sequence will help you in resisting the urge to hit the bed back.

How to set a morning routine that you want to follow?

The next important thing is to be ready with a plan. It is indeed much easier to wake up, when you know the sequence of things to do. You dont want to wake up and then decide on what to do next, because, trust me you are going to have a hard time keeping your eyes open through the thinking process. Make sure to choose things that will spark joy and positivity. Don’t be in a hurry to start your chores, instead focus on yourself. This plan is going to be your morning ritual. Don’t just think of a day, think of the big picture – Think of how this morning routine is going to change your life.
For instance, “By waking up an hour early everyday, you would earn 30 extra hours a month which counts up to 12 days a year. “


So what is the Best morning routine?

The best morning routine is the one that works for you. Find out things that will really make you happy. For me, it was getting an hour to myself before I start with my morning chores. That one hour, I make a cup of tea for myself, walk around the house, tend to the plants, write down my thoughts, make a to-do-list for the day etc. 

You don’t want to wake up at 5 and let go of those golden hours of the day by not knowing what to do. Instead, make a morning ritual and write it down. Set a reminder on your phone or put a sticky note on your mirror so that seeing it will remind you to do your routine. Experts recommend starting with at least 4 things in your morning routine. 4 tasks  because, it is not too much nor too less..once you feel consistent with them ease in more of what you want to do.

Sample Morning routine

Below are some ideas you can add to your morning routine

  • Wake up at the first alarm
  • Drink a glass of water
  • Read or write for 10 min.
  • Say your morning affirmations. 
  • Work out/meditate
  • Plan your day
  • Create something

By tailoring a morning routine for yourself, you are prioritizing your happiness for the day. Little things like writing down a note in your journal/diary, reading a page or two of that book you have always wanted to finish, tending to your plants etc would make a difference to your day because you are starting your day by accomplishing tasks that matter to you. You may not finish everything you want to do, but at least this way, you are not paddling through the day making mental notes of things you want to do once all the chores are done..Because lets face it, that is never gonna happen. 

Get your priorities straight

All of us have have 24 hrs deposited to our credit every day. To make the best use of it, we HAVE to get our priorities straight. Being aware of where we are spending our energy and time helps us in focusing better and getting things done. So that at the end of the day, we dont feel like everything is half done. In 10 mins you can either choose to  read 5 pages of a book or watch a video or do a 10 min workout.  Setting priorities for tasks to do will help in organizing the day better. When you plan your day, figure out three important tasks to do everyday. This makes sure that you are not just doing things to tick off the boxes, but things that matter are not pushed aside either.

Morning routine

Start your day on a productive mode

Don’t plan your washroom trip with your phone in hand. One, you might lose track of time. Two, all that information intake might overwhelm the brain. When you look at your screens and scroll through the social media posts or messages and emails, you are starting your day by putting the brain on a reactive mode. You are reacting to the information that is being fed onto your brain via the posts, the news, the emails, the messages etc. Try starting the productive mode first. Bring on your creativity. Write a journal, draw a doodle, create anything that you love. Kick start the creative side first to make the best of your day. 

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Your routine can be as unique as you are

One thing to remember is that your morning routine is the time you are giving yourself to gear up for the day; to prepare yourself to be the best of you all day.  Having and doing a morning ritual will ensure that you will be up and ready and will start the day feeling accomplished. Morning routines are not one size fits all. It has to be tailor made for yourself, and who better than yourself to make it. If something is not working out for you, don’t hesitate to change it. It worked for someone else doesn’t mean you have to do the same. You are the creator of your morning routine. It doesn’t matter if you do a morning routine workout,  a morning routine yoga or a morning routine skincare or whether you read, write or paint. What matters is that you spend time on yourself to craft your perfect day and life…one morning at a time.

Free Printable - Morning routine tracker

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Happy Mornings!!

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Routines are life savers when it comes to busy week day mornings, when everyone in the house are getting ready for their daily battles. Here we have more tips to create stress-free morning routines that will help you in tackling the morning madness. Of course, once you start practicing your own morning rituals, everything that comes later is going to be a cake walk!!

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  • I am a firm believer in planning your day especially since I work from home normally a few days out the week even before the pandemic. It is so easy to hit the snooze button to catch a few more Zs but I know that I really cant do that so as you said, I have a routine that works for me so that I still have time carved for myself. This is important so that I don’t get overwhelmed. I am human so of course here and there I may get off track but I am pretty good about getting back on task. Thanks for sharing.

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