The Vishu and the ‘Kani kaanal’ is something that every Malayali holds very close to their heart. The distance away from home or the varying time zones never stops us from celebrating this auspicious day. That’s why I have come up with some easy hacks to set up the Vishu Kani at your home away from home.

The traditional way of setting up a Vishukani is explained elaborately in Wikipedia. Let’s see how we can set up the almost perfect ‘Vishukani’, even when you don’t have the traditional ‘Kani’ things around.

Disclaimer: The content in the post may be particularly helpful for the newlyweds who have never ever set a Vishu Kani by themselves and have high ego problems in asking their in-laws.

Vishu Kani with minimal things available


Here are the things you will need,

A gold plastic serving bowl (replacing the big uruli): You can find this at stores like Dollar Tree, Party City, Dollar General, Walmart, etc, in the party aisle. You could also get creative and DIY by getting a plain/clear plastic bowl and spray painting it.

Rice: Nira para,(Not the brand 😀 , but a ‘para’ of rice filled well above the brim). Whichever rice is available in your kitchen, fill it in a para/steel glass/golden glass.

Fruits: Any fruits, (yellow/green) available in the market next to you. Banana, Mango, Golden Lemon, Avocado, green grapes, etc are preferred options.

Keep these well arranged in the bowl/uruli.

Whole Coconut: Easily available in Indian/Mexican stores. Ideally, two halves are placed along with the ‘Kani’. Check out these simple techniques to crack coconuts by yourself. Fill these halves with oil, then make a small pouch with cotton/muslin clothes and fill in rice and keep it in the oil ready to be lit early in the morning. Do take care that, when you light the wick, fumes/smoke will come. If you have a fire alarm fixed in your apartment/home, opt not to do this. You can leave the coconut halves just as it is next to the uruli/bowl

Veggies: Golden Lemon, golden cucumber, snake gourd, drumstick or one or two green veggies available

Flowers: Yellow Faux Forsythia stays close to our konna. And are available in Michael’s store, Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, also amazon has the artificial ones.

Clothes/ accessories: Kerala saree/ Mundum neriyathum, laundered and neatly pressed.

Gold chain/Bangles, Currency coins, and notes

Small diyas/ some golden decorative candles if you don’t have an oil lamp.

A small mirror: Keep it in such a way that the person seeing the ‘Kani’ will see their reflection in it. Dollar tree has a fancy mirror that looks like a silver valkannadi mirror.

Deity pictures/Hindu texts: Optional or whosever blessings you pray for.

So all that you need to set up a Vishukani is ready.

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A few more tips on how to arrange all this.

  1. Keep all the fruits and veggies arranged neatly in the bowl/uruli.
  2. Next to the uruli, u can keep rice-filled glass/(Nirapara).
  3. Next comes the saree and on top of it keep the jewelry and currencies.
  4. Each thing kept should be evident enough.
  5. About the direction in which the Kani should be kept is towards the west, which means the person seeing the Vishukani should be facing towards the east.
  6. Don’t forget to keep the mirror and it needs to be kept in such a way that the reflection of the person seeing the Kani needs to be seen in it.
  7. Next are the flowers. I mostly keep them ready next to the Kani itself in a vase of water so that they are fresh the next day, and before lighting the lamps/candles I place it in front of the mirror. You can always use Jasmine flowers too in addition to the yellow ones.
  8. If you are using an oil Lamp, keep it ready. Also the agarpathis. I keep my sandal, kumkum too near the lamp so that it’s easy the next day.

You are all set to see the best ‘Vishukani'(..or maybe the second-best ) After all it’s the thought that counts.

Along with creating some memories, celebrating festivals is like passing the baton of culture and tradition to the next generation. Showcasing them in the right way helps in conveying the culture, tradition, and history of our homeland.

We follow the Guruvayoor Temple Kani Time (it varies each year) and normally it comes between 3 am to 5 am. Also, don’t forget to click beautiful pictures and tag us too.

We at the Homemaker Handbook wish you and your family a Happy Vishu!!!

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