5 Quick Tips for Parents to organize the Summer Activities Effectively

Tips to organize Summer Activities for kids

5 Quick Tips for Parents to organize the Summer Activities Effectively

Super moms and dads, are you ready for the summer? You may be ready with organizing the travel plans, families visiting or many more like that. But what are the fun summer activities for kids that are there in your plan? Here are the 5 quick tips to organize the summer activities for kids in the best way. Whether you have a  preschooler or a toddler, you are stay-at-home or working, a perfect plan makes it easy to organize your summer activities. I have mine ready. This is how I listed out the activities, children can have fun during their summer vacation and at the same time we adults get to enjoy our summer activities too.

With all the covid-19 situation all around the world, it is like the summer vacations have started early. Well, not for parents but from the kids perspective, YES!! Our kids our going to remember this year for sure. Make sure all they have are good memories, where they were home all the time, having fun with the whole family around. Summers were the best part of our childhood. Now it’s their turn, and our call is to make it transpire the right way. These days are going to be one of the most fruitful things that we can gift them them. Trust me, a little organizing goes a long way

Here are the 5 quick tips for organizing your Summer Activities for kids…

1. Set Summer Goals

Set Summer Goals

“SUMMER Vacations are for fun and not for goals. Achieving them and many more such hectic stuff are not going to work.” This might be your thought when you hear about organizing summer activities. But two or three months of ‘no school’ days should end with better results both for parents and for the children. Setting summer GOALS will help your child to learn something new each day along with enjoying summer fun activities. So figure out some of the areas of development or betterment in your child while identifying the goals. Make different targets/goals set for each child of yours. 

It can be something like learning a new language, improving the handwriting, learning a new art/craft, learning to read, learning to cook, etc. You can set your targets for them and involve them too in setting their summer goals. You can make them write down(/Write it for them) and put it up in their room.

Bonus Tip: Make the children aware of the Goals set or let them decide their Goals for themselves.

2. To-Do Summer Activities List

To-Do Summer Activity List

Here is where you can see the actual structure of the full summer vacation plan, Sit with your child/children and list out all the things that they will be doing during the vacation, including the screen time, playtime and the whole day activity they will be doing or you want them to do. This way, they are very clear about the dos and don’ts from day one, which can bring 25% of peace at home during summer. 

Check out a Sample To-Do Summer Activity List

Bonus Tip: Keep the goals in mind and try to incorporate kid’s ideas of having fun in summers too. Make the child fill in the activity list and then make relevant changes after discussing it with them.

3. Summer Activities Chart

Summer Activity Chart

Make the chart based on the To-do Summer Activity list that you have prepared. Let’s divide it into four sections.

  • Daily Routine Chart
  • Scheduled Activities Chart
  • Weekend Fun Activities Chart
  • Surprises and Bonuses

Daily Routine Chart: Make a daily timetable and put it up in their room. You can bring in rewards, stars, all such ideas will motivate them to follow the routine. I believe it’s the childhood routine that always echoes as habits in one’s adulthood, maybe an old school thought.


Scheduled Activities Chart: The scheduled activities chart are the ones to be updated every week. Put the activities in the form of a timetable. You can include all the academic-related balls in this box, like library visits, science projects, tuition, art and summer crafts work, etc. Yes, it’s 2020 and not 1990, so incorporate the technology items too… At the same time, let me remind you that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limiting screen time for two hours a day for children between the age of 3-18 and none for the children under that. Also, they have recently come up with family media and a calculator for planning the media time, Click here to find out how it works for you….

So the less the screen time the better… 

Read more
Read more

 Playtime: Next is the playtime, that’s again a little hard, so let’s have lists for this too… Let’s do this in a way that we have a specific time for the indoor and outdoor activities, say like quiet games (during noon hours), indoor activities (morning hours) and evening hours for outdoor summer fun. I have come up with a few suggestions for indoor summer activities for different age groups (3-6,6-9, 9-12)  kids can play independently or you can play along with them.  Also, we have brought back a few games from the ’90s on the list. For more ideas on summer fun activities check outhere.

Weekend Fun Activities: Try to include the whole family here , as the bonding happens more during this time. It’s often the good family moments verve in the soul than all the other most expensive toys/dresses. Here you can easily add the plan you already have made for summer. Mostly like the travel plan, Summer parties, BBQ nights, Water sport plans, movie nights, etc.

Surprises and Bonuses: Everyone loves surprises, Try to reward them for the things they do. Regularly keep an eye on the goals they achieve or motivate them to achieve them. See that they are in the right direction. Instead of nagging, help them in achieving the targets/goals.

Learning is everywhere, and our ultimate focus is to make them learn while they are having fun. So let them enjoy their summer and also learn as much as they can.

Bonus Tip: Keep a summer diary/notebook, and make a monthly/weekly timetable chart incorporating all that makes summer wonderful.

4. Summer Calendar - to organize your summer activites

Summer Calendar

Now you have the daily routines and a weekly planner, sum it up to a two/three-month calendar starting from the School Closure date to the School reopening date. Coordinate the dates of the sleepover nights, play dates, movie nights and summer parties with other parents and include it in the calendar. Plan for a kids movie night, check out the summer movie list and do the pre-bookings at the REGAL Cinemas near you.

Bonus Tips: You can always have END OF SUMMER PARTY, where children can get a platform to showcase what they have learned during the summer and in turn, they have the enthusiasm to continue this summer calendar each year.

5. Find Out Budgeted/Cheap Summer Camps near you

Summer Camps

At the same time start looking for the budgeted Summer Camps around your neighborhood. Stay-At-Home parents can bravely opt for the short term summer camps, because henceforth you don’t have to worry about summers. You have your pro-summer calendar ready. Once you have the confirmation on the camp dates update it on the calendar. Also, plan the other weekly schedules accordingly. Also, it’s good to find out some short term summer programs (science, maths) for kids, workshops for art/craft, etc.

Bonus Tip: It’s always good when they play or learn in groups, so summer camps are good, so plan right. So that they can enjoy the home as well as the camps.

Summer is here before you know it, so fasten your seat belts. Let us hope for a healthy summer. You have the tips and tricks on how to organize the summer activities for your children, and you are ready for the take-off. Enjoy your summers along with your children. Aren’t you craving for a vacation from all the busy schedules of homeschooling and work from homes? So go get it and be ready for a fresh new academic year. These are the amazing fun activities that we thought about for the summer, try these and  your family is gonna love it… Let us know how you enjoyed your summer, we are always looking for tips too.


Happy and healthy summer everyone!!

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