Decorate a rental home in 10 easy ways


Decorate a rental home in 10 easy ways

Living in a rental, should not necessarily stop us from adding a personal touch to the space we live in. In fact for as long as we live there, we are calling it ‘our home’.  That said, while living in a rental, it may not make sense to spent on high end furniture or huge wall arts. With a little help from Pinterest and a loooott of creative thinking, putting together our own cozy place is a fun thing to do. Something as simple as putting together a curio shelf, or adding a new flower to the vase can bring about a refreshing change to the otherwise bland space. Here is a list of our favorite room decor ideas and hacks to decorate a rental home. These can be put together easily without breaking your bank nor your head.

Take your time to decorate

Don’t be in a hurry to decorate a rental home. The first thing to do is to take time to get acquainted with the space.  Figure out your choice of colors. If you feel overwhelmed, then start building your color palette around a piece of furniture ( in most cases the Couch :)) Then get a matching rug, add pillows, put together the wall pieces. There is no deadline when you are decking up your home.

Decorate with Lights and Mirrors

Lighting changes the mood of a space in the flip of a switch. Bring in your own pieces of decor lighting and don’t forget to save the owner’s pieces. You can put them back when you vacate. Decorating with mirrors is an easy and sensible thing to do. They reflect light, opens up spaces and create an illusion of depth. This is a handy hack especially in small apartments, that makes the space looks bigger. 

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Green up the space

Adding plants is like bringing the outdoor to your indoors. Probably the most easiest way to decorate a rental home is by bringing in lots of plants. Shopping for plants can now be done at stores and online. Experiment with different pots and planters. It need not be decorative plants always. For starters, begin with succulents like Aloevera or snake plant, or the omnipresent Pothos. These are comparatively low maintenance. Pothos can grow in water too, just clip off a piece and put it in a bottle, which in itself makes an excellent centerpiece. 

Glass bottles and green leaves.. a treat to the eye. Arrange them on your window sills or hang them on the walls. 

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Plan a gallery wall

Trendy or not, a gallery wall is a great idea to spice up your Living room or Bedroom decor. A combination of your favorite photos in frames is a joy to look at. Add an interesting piece of fabric that can be hung on the wall. A layout of art on canvas or a musical instrument, if it has your heart then it can be on the wall. Photo frames aren’t just for photos. You can frame anything from printouts of your favorite quotes to a pressed leaf or flower too. More ideas here.

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Soft furnishings

The easiest way to re-decorate, is to mix up your soft furnishings. The least you can do is try different combinations of your curtains and rugs. Swap your furnishings from one room to another. If you are on a strict budget, curtains and cushions offer plenty of scope for experiments with various (scrap)fabrics. Check out these upcycled ideas. Adding a centre piece or a table runner and place mats can give a new look to your dining table. Some (a lot actually..) extra pillows can change the look of your bedroom or couch.

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Fairy lights

Inexpensive but yet magical. No matter where you use them, it just adds a dreamy touch. Put them up on a wall, clip some photos and you get an awesome gallery wall. Our favorite combination is fairy lights covered in sheer fabric. Put a string of fairy lights in a bottle and whip up your own version of a starlit sky 🙂 Check out these.

String lights
Source: Pinterest, click on image for details
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Deck up the walls

Repainting a wall is the first and most obvious option to change the look of a space. However, it might not be feasible to do so when you decorate a rental home. Even if you can’t, there are ways to deck them up. There are plenty of Wall Decor options available. Add a few floating shelves on the wall to display your curios. Wallpapers, contact papers, stencils and even washi tapes can be used to give a new look to your walls. Create sections with wall or contact paper. Making patterns with paint and stencil can bring in the effect of a wallpaper. Make sure to use erasable markers. Funky wall decals are yet another option. 

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Flip the furniture

You may not be able to paint the walls, but you can always paint the furniture. Add a pop of color to your furniture to bring in a fresh perspective. Create some extra seating by sewing a puff or putting together a single mattress along with some throw pillows. This cozy nook from @ahousebythebay is an inspiration. Swap your furniture between rooms or move your lamps, all these are simple changes that can bring about a freshness to your living space.

Remodel Furniture

Display your collection

Have a hundred thousand coffee mugs, bottles, books, hats, bags,or whatever you have, proudly show it off. Look for DIY ideas to display. No matter how crazy you think your collection is, you can always find an idea to display it, on Pinterest. Not all frames need to go on the wall, styling them on flat surfaces like table or cabinet tops is a neat idea. Check these for inspiration.

Display your collections
Source: Pinterest, Click image for details

Thrift / Rent

You never know when you will get a steal deal. The best part is you might find furniture that you can experiment on without pinching your pocket. When you are on a tight budget, and on a rental, thrift stores, estate sales and FB market place are your go-to option. You never know what you find in there and what you could make out of it. You can even rent your favorite pieces of furniture. There are plenty of rental companies that offer furniture.

We hope you have found enough inspiration to re-decorate whatever space you are in, whether a whole house or a room. The most important thing to keep in mind is that, while trends and decor gurus may give guidelines, it is ultimately your space. Do whatever that makes you happy. Let us know your decor tips and tricks and share pics. Don’t forget to visit our  shop US  for more handpicked home decor products.

happy decorating!!

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