How To Always Be Prepared For Guests

how to be prepared for guests always

How To Always Be Prepared For Guests

Ever had a dream of saving the world like a superhero? All you have to do now is stay at home. Social distancing saves you and the world. Let us make use of this time to do things that we have been procrastinating because of our busy schedules. This too shall pass and like before, you will have friends and family coming home all the time.
So how to always be prepared for guests? The answer is simple, always expect a guest at home and follow my magic plan.. This will save you the anxiety and panic that happens when you hear the bell ring.

So what is this magic plan? I call it, C A T.

C A T, not the sweet little meow 🐈 😻. But three big steps you have to take well in advance to make things work in a better way. 

Code of Life

Available Always

Time to Act

When we see guests at the doorstep, we always get anxious about many things. We usually squander by running behind the least important things. These three steps will save you the anxieties about how to be prepared for guests always.

Code Of Life

I was not at all a homemaker material when I started. But I always wanted to be one of the finest. To have a self routine, an inexhaustible kitchen, and to declutter the home are the codes of life that I will suggest as the first step.

Routine: Make a daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal chores list. With all these put together, you can easily prepare your routine planner. Share your daily chores list with your family, so that all the responsibility doesn’t come on one person. Having a plan is very important to get through your daily routines. 

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An Inexhaustible Kitchen: Always have a kitchen like AKSHAYA PATRA. (Akshaya Patra is an inexhaustible vessel that is an object from Hindu Mythology) . Similarly, make sure that your kitchen always has something to munch or something easy to make.


Declutter: Decluttering is the next thing to do. Decluttering a house, or a room will declutter your mind. Decluttering helps you prioritize your daily tasks and makes your day less hectic. Before doing it, understand why you should declutter and how? 

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Practice this code of your life which will, in turn, make your home a better place. Now we are ready for our second step, which is to have certain things available at home, always.

Available always

Always be prepared for Guests-Available Always

Be proactive and maintain a list of things that will always be available at home. I am not talking about snacks and drinks alone, but also being prepared for guests who stay over. So next time when you hear the doorbell or have someone staying overnight, you don’t have to run to put things back in place or think what on earth to serve, or worry about your uncleaned bathroom. Here are a few recommendations that I have that may help you to keep things ready. 

Starting with a Queen Size bed in the bedroom for guests: We have a queen-size bed, an additional fold-able bed frame, and a mattress kept in the room. Instead, you can also leave a sofa cum bed in your guest bedroom. If not, you can always opt for this airbed which can be deflated and tucked away after use.

Air Mattress

Air Mattress- Queen Size

Amazon Price: $119.95

Keep a full set of laundered bedsheets, pillowcases, extra cushion covers, and comforters ready. Fold and keep it in your guest bedroom closet or wardrobe. Remember to change the sheets as soon as the guests leave and put it back in the wardrobe. Other days when you don’t have guests, spread some old bedsheets instead of keeping the bed uncovered. Make a space in the wardrobe or closet for the guests to keep their belongings. Keep a few additional cloth hangers or over the door hooks.


Dresser or a table with a mirror:  Keep the basic things like some cold creams, moisturizers, hairbrushes, hairdryers, etc.


Bathrooms and Toiletries: Keep the guest bathroom clean always. A set of travel kits with shampoo, conditioner, hand, and body washes can be kept ready in the bathroom. Keep the trash can covers, laundry bags or baskets, additional plastic carry bags in the bathroom vanity. 


Keep freshly folded towels along with the bedsheets in the guest bedroom closet. Remember to keep it on ‘over the door’ hook or in the bathroom when you do a final clean up before the guests use.


Keep the iron box and iron table ready in the guest bedroom. 


Convenient power outlets need to be kept available. Remember to put up the wifi password on a place visible, most probably near to the power outlets. 

Return Gifts: Thank the Guests for visiting by giving them small return gifts, buy gifts like photo frames, candles, homemade chocolates/cakes, some small toys for kids, small board games, amazon gift cards,  etc.

gift card

Amazon Gift cards

Kitchen:  Plan the meals, cook make-ahead batches so that you won’t end spending too much time in the kitchen. Keep it clean, check on the dishes. If you feel lazy, then at least load it in the dishwasher 🙂

Food To Serve: Keep the inexhaustible (Akshaya Patra) kitchen ready, then all you have to do is to finalize the menu. Accordingly, make a list for grocery shopping. If you think that you are not a great cook or a person who has less interest in cooking you can always opt for ready to cook packaged items from shopping marts, hotels, catering, etc.

If required, hang a wall mirror, paintings, flower vases, or photo frames to keep the guest bedroom more beautiful. Whatever decor items you keep, remember to keep it clean and organized.

Time To act

Hey, you are almost done. But sometimes, guests show unannounced. You are not ready for it, your toddler is playing with his toys dumped in the hall, there are things scattered all over, You hear the doorbell, open the door, and find your friend has just shown up to say a hi. What will you do?

Here are a few tips for the final call.


Keep an ottoman somewhere in the hall. So that you can keep a few last-minute pulled outs in it.

A toy box in the hall, so the kids can also help in cleaning up when someone turns up immediately.

A quick drink in your fridge always, it can be homemade or canned. Lemons are unavoidable.

Keep unopened snacker packets like cookies, nuts, chips, or trail mix ready.

Try to maintain a routine, make decluttering a habit, try to follow your planner, and double-check on the things in the checklist. 

Once you start following these tips, having guests planned or unplanned, for short-term or long-term visits; it’s not going to stress you because you are prepared for guests, anytime, all the time. 

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Before all the preps, all we need is a welcoming heart. As we get ready to be a good host, remember to visit your friends and families. Let them also enjoy the happiness of hosting. Now enjoy the days of lockdown by planning for the best days to come.

If you have more ideas on how to be always prepared for the guests, please share it in the comments. Thanks in Advance!!!



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