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About us





We are two friends whose similarities outnumber our differences; Proud and nostalgic about everything that is the 90s and Malabaari!! We are classmates and we both married our classmates. So every time we meet, it is like a college reunion. We bitch about common things (read people) and drool about our common crushes. We both were working in the IT sector, and after marriage flew abroad to ‘make our to-be homes’ and joined the thousands of desi-spouses abroad. The first few years went in a jiff tending to our boys (man and child). 


Since then, we have learned so much from each other, share tips and tricks that we tried and tested. We are putting together all that we have learned and also that we have unlearned. We are constantly looking for ideas that can make the process of homemaking easier and efficient. We believe that everyone deserves happiness at home, especially the one who makes it.Before flying abroad to our set up our homes, we had done a few stints of events management in Calicut together.

We are compatible and comfortable working with each other. Once we both left Calicut, we were busy with our own lives for a while. Although we were discussing ideas for what to do once we return to India, none of us were serious about it. But somehow 2020 brought some changes in our lives. That’s how our website, Homemaker Handbook(@H4homemaker) happened. 

We both are now in different time zones. We started working on a website because that was something that didn’t require both of us to be physically available. We have our calls late into the nights that often reminds us of the combine studies that happened during college days. 

We have our own flexible hours and targets. Our aim is to provide quality and consistent content while building an audience. We are not techies, but we browse through the codes, search on Google, do a lot of trial and error and fix things. We enjoy doing it all together. This was not something that we planned to do over the lockdown.. but now when we look back, we are glad that it happened now. We both are able to manage homes and spend enough time growing our website too. Homemaker Handbook is our latest endeavor 🙂 for all you, budding and bloomed homemakers out there.

We hope you find what you need, in this handbook.

Happy Homemaking!

To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition, the end to which every enterprise and labor tends, and of which every desire prompts the prosecution.


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