7 Screen free activities for preschoolers at home

Screen free activities for preschoolers

7 Screen free activities for preschoolers at home

Pre-school learning activities are one of my favorite topics and I have a lot of fun setting them up. All of us are always looking for ideas to engage our kids at home. With the schools closed indefinitely, we all trying to set up our own versions of classroom learning at home. Here we have put together a list of 7 learning activities for preschoolers that we have actually tried and tested at home. 

A few tips before you start;

  • Set apart a consistent time slot to do these activities daily. Set an alarm or reminder so that kids know when it is time.
  • Prepare the resources in advance, so that kids don’t get bored waiting.
  • Talk to them about what is in store and consider their ideas too.
Without further ado, scroll on !!

Day 1: Scissor skill practice

Scissor skill practice

Things you will need: Scrap paper/Construction paper; Even old papers and flyers will do.

Let the child cut to his/her heart’s content. Fill a box with all the paper strips. It can be fun doing a treasure hunt in it later. Once they are ready to hold the scissor comfortably, ask them to cut along a straight line. Draw easy shapes on the paper and help them cut along. Label the names of the shape. Create your own shapes chart.

Day 2:Cooking


Things you will need: Flour, a large bowl for kneading/mixing.

Before you start, be prepared for a huge mess. Spread out an old bed sheet or some newspapers. 

Some kids hate sticky palms. If your kid is hesitant to knead the dough, help them with it. This activity will also contribute towards teaching them to divide a big chunk into smaller portions. Talk about halves and quarters. 

Also kneading and pulling the dough is a great exercise for those little fingers. Kids can roll the dough with a rolling pin. Talk about the shapes. Cook it and serve it and see how proudly they will gobble up their edible art. 

Day 3:Make your own story book

Screenfree Activities for kids

Things you will need: Cut pictures from old magazines, Print out your own pics or draw pictures. 

Kids have a great imagination. Just spread out all the pictures, ask them to pick their favorite ones. If they are not able to come up with a story, ask questions like, Who is the story about? How do they feel? What do they like to do? etc. Personalize with your kid’s photos/names to make it more interesting. It doesn’t have to be a long one. Write down the story for them and ask the kids to paste the pictures.

Day 4: Make a clock

make a clock

Things you will need: 2 Paper Plates, Paper In, Hot Glue, Marker, One Craft Paper. 

Mark the hours on one paper plate and the minutes on the other. Cut slits on the hours’ plate such that the minutes can be read by lifting the slits. Check the picture for ref. This can be a bit complicated for younger kids, but telling the time with the hour hand should be easy. (1’o clock, 3’o clock, etc.)

Day 5:Make a city

city with building blocks

Things you will need: Cardboard boxes (cartons), ruler, Building Blocks, marker/black paint, White chalkboard marker/white paint.

The kids can scribble or paint the boxes and the roads. Help them identify different types of buildings in a city. Draw a road layout to get to those buildings. Fix the building blocks in the box with a double-sided table.

Day 6: Sprout seeds

Grow your own greens

Things you will need: A small tray or takeaway box. Newspapers or kitchen rolls (3-4 pieces). A thin layer of soil if you don’t mind the mess. Seeds can sprout in wet paper, so the soil is not at all necessary. A few tablespoons of pulses or lentils (preferably soaked overnight ).

Place the layers of newspaper or tissue paper in the tray or container. Let the kids spray water on it until it is just wet. Now ask them to spread the lentils/pulses. This doesn’t need direct sunlight. 

Ask them to spray water two times a day, just to wet the layer of paper. The sprouts will start appearing in a couple of days and leaves will grow in a week. This is an excellent STEM activity for preschoolers to learn about plants. 

Day 7: Make the solar system


Things you will need: Paper or play dough. Cardboard piece or Posterboard or paper. Black marker or paint. White marker/paint

Cut paper into different sizes of planets. You can also ask kids to roll out different sizes of balls with play dough.

Identify the planets according to their sizes. Make orbits with white markers. Also, add some glitter or shiny stickers to denote other celestial bodies. This is one of the most interesting  learning activities for preschoolers to engage in a conversation about the space and solar system.

Apart from these learning activities for preschoolers, there are some great preschool games online, that is both entertaining and educational. Check out the below URLs too.






This list of activities for preschoolers will keep them engaged for a whole week. We believe that learning happens all day long at home. That is the very idea behind STEM and STEAM learning; learning how things apply in real life. Check this printable on how to involve kids in daily chores at home. We are constantly looking for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) learning activities for kids and will be constantly updating this post.

What are your favorite activities to do with your kids? Do let us know in the comments. Also, keep coming back to check for the updates on this post.

Happy Home-schooling everyone!!

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