25 things to do instead of Scrolling through social media

25 things to do instead of Scrolling through social media

25 things to do instead of Scrolling through social media

Social media has brought people closer than ever, that old friend from high school is just a click away. On the other hand it helps us portray our lives as colorful and eventful as we want to. Studies show that a person spends an average of more than 2 hours a day on social media. That is enough time to get a lot of things done. Here, we have put together a list of 25 things to do instead of scrolling through social media​.

Things to do instead of scrolling through social media_Make List

Lists are lifesavers when you are overwhelmed about what to do. At times we end up having a thousand things in mind and do not know where to start. With a list ready in hand, you just need to DO. Make lists for things to do, books to read, places to visit, things to shop, etc.​​

Plan how you are going to spend the weekend, plan your year, plan your goals. Create action plans to get there. Planning a trip whether you take it or not has shown to significantly improve your happiness levels. There are studies to prove this.

Did you know that a person can maintain an average of 150 stable social relationships; So, next time you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through posts and stories, just randomly pick someone from your list to talk to.​

Instead of scrolling through social media_Learn something new

Have you ever calculated the time you spend on social media? Well, the average statistics are 144 min. That is plenty of time to teach yourself something new. Read a new topic, listen to podcasts, practice something that you learnt.

Instead of scrolling through social media_Workout

Get yourself moving. Do stretches, planks or the happy walk at home. Pick up some breathing exercises. Do we need to say more?

Deck up your bath with some candles, oils and salts. Give yourself a nice oil massage or put on some packs and scrubs. Pamper yourself

Instead of scrolling through social media_Pick up an old hobby

Remember how we all used to write a whole essay on the topic "My favorite hobby"? Well, bring back those. Paint, sing, dance, bake, collect things; do whatever it is that makes you happy.

Instead of scrolling through social media_Read from a book

Pick up an actual book or a magazine where you can actually touch and smell the pages. If nothing works, settle for e-books 🙂

Instead of scrolling through social media_Make a vlog for yourself

Capture a video of yourself doing something that you are actually good at. It can be a recipe that you know by heart or a talent that you are proud of.

Propagate your plants or plant some new ones. If you do not have a green thumb, try growing some greens from your pantry supply. Check out our post on growing microgreens indoors.

Organize your wardrobe. Clear your junk drawer. Throw away those junk mails and flyers. Check out our post on decluttering here.

Things to do instead of scrolling through social media_Create Vision Board

Make use of the list and plans that you have. Vision board is a visual representation of your goals. Collect pictures, affirming quotes and create a vision board. The idea is that visuals influence your thoughts much more than words and you indeed, start acting towards your goal, consciously or not.

Meditation will give your body (eyes in particular) and mind that much-needed break and rejuvenation. It also reduces stress and anxiety levels.

Things to do instead of scrolling through social media_write down a favorite memory

Instead of scrolling through social media memories, create one on your own. Two benefits are obvious. One, writing about it in detail, helps you relive it and makes you happy thinking about it. Two, you can always come back and read it whenever you feel low and it would be like an instant dose of cheer.

Things to do instead of scrolling through social media_Family game time

Bring back the board games and card games. Get everyone to chuck their screens and phones for an hour or two and have fun the old fashioned way.

Things to do instead of scrolling through social media_Rearrange your room

Flip your furniture, swap your curtains, change those flowers, color-code your bookshelf; You would never run out of things to do when it comes to rearranging your room.

From something as simple as a napkin to an outfit for yourself, you can do a million things with a piece of cloth. If the needle is not your friend, try checking the no-sew ideas here.

Bring the spa home. Show some love for those hands and feet that work for you all day. Check out DIY scrub ideas here.

Things to do instead of scrolling through social media_Spend time with your pets

Your furry friends can never have too much of attention. If you don't have pets, watch out for those little birdies and squirrels. Keep some food and water out on your patio/windows for them.

_Write to your future self

Write down your thoughts, your dreams, how you feel now, what/how do you think you will be in another couple of months or years. Don't forget to write the date. Seal it and mark it with the date you will want to open it on.

_Create DIY Projects

There are plenty of DIY project ideas like re-modeling your furniture or building something new. Get your craft box out have some fun with it.

_Dress up and click pictures

Dress up yourself. Put on some makeup, wear your favorite outfit. Give that pout and pose to your heart's content. Click some nice pictures. If possible use a camera and a self-timer. 🙂

_write a lock down journal

None of us imagined 2020 would be what it is now; that we all would work at home, work out at home, shop at home and stay home all day. Write in a journal all that you do or that kept you going through these times. Believe me, it would be a joy to read through it later.

_Feed Yourself

Make yourself a good cup of coffee or tea. The kind of one that will make YOU happy. Cook your favorite snack or grab a favorite meal.

Take a power nap

Power naps boosts your memory and makes alert. Also, reduces stress and refreshes your body and mind. Just make sure the nap doesn't get extended.

Hope you found this list of  things to do instead of scrolling through social media useful. We are all in for the use of social media, we know that without it you wouldn’t even have found us. Even so, sometimes we all fall for the downsides of it; we start comparing our lives to the picture perfect feeds we find online. 

Like everything else in life, when used in moderation social media is a boon. Here are a few tips-

Make a conscious decision to limit social media usage.

Track your usage with timers and apps.

Set targets and reward yourself with browsing time.

Once in while go on a social media detox

The lady who chose to live in the moment
Be like this lady who chose to live the moment instead of capturing it. Pic Courtesy: Google

What is your favorite thing to do instead of scrolling through social media updates? Do you have any tips to add on how to limit screen time? Do let us know in the comments.

Happy Living-In-The-Moment

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