20 ways to practice Self care at home


20 ways to practice Self care at home

Do you miss your morning rush hours which you knew would be done in 1-2 hours? Doesn’t it seem like the whole day is a rush hour? Our to-do-list is sooo… long nowadays that by the end of the day, we hardly have any time left for ourselves. Never ending chores, engaging the kids, the uncertainty about the whole situation; all this can easily take a toll on our health. Scroll on to find some 20 easy tips and ideas to practice self care at home​ self care tips; these will turn your day around!!! 

What is self care?

Self care is the effort you put in to nurture and pamper your inner self to bring out the best possible version of you. It is knowing what de-stresses you; knowing when you are stretching yourself too much; pausing and slowing down before you break.

Self care is important

Our homes are now part school, part offices, part playgrounds and what not? We don’t know how long this quarantine period is going to last. . Very often, we put off self care as the last thing to do when it should be the most important one. Why? Because we have this false belief that taking care of ourselves is a selfish thing to do. But no! It is like the oxygen mask situations in an aircraft, you help yourselves first so that you can help another person. Now is the time when we all need to seriously invest in our mental and physical health. 

Read on for some self care tips and ideas for the quarantine times.

Self care

1.Do NOT skip food or sleep

Kids don’t have to go to school and the office is functioning at home :D. It might be quite tempting to stay up late and wake up late. But it is better to stick to an early bedtime and early wake-up time. An early start to your day will help in boosting your energy all day. Try to figure out a nighttime routine and also a relaxed morning routine. Once in a while, cook your favorite meal or prepare your favorite snack.

2.Dress up and look good

As silly as it may sound, there is nothing else that can lift your mood like looking at a groomed self-image. Get out of your PJs and nightclothes and get ready for your day. So what if we can’t go out? We can still dress like we are going out 😀 Trust me, this will surely light up your day.

3.Pray or Meditate

Is there a better way to listen to your inner self? Set some time apart every day to reflect  on your thoughts and actions.

4.Find time to exercise

Going for a walk is not an option in this situation. But there are plenty of other ways to get your body moving and pumping. Look for floor exercises or Yoga. If nothing, do your stretches and planks. 


Drink water. If you are forgetful, set reminders. Enough said.

6.Take good care of your teeth

Brush; Gargle; Floss; Make it a big deal; and enjoy 5-10 mins of alone time in the process. On a serious note, with all the panics about community spread of the virus, you need to be careful to avoid anything that might trigger a sudden visit to a doctor’s office..

7.Take a nice long shower

 This mite be a luxury a lot of young mommies could not afford, but hey, daddies are home!! Take advantage!!

8.Oil massages and face packs

Apart from the glowing skin and lustrous hair they promise, these massages are a perfect self care activity for taking a break and pampering yourself.

9.Write a gratitude journal

Practicing gratitude is a great way to take care of yourself. Write down all that you are grateful for. This is will fill yourself with positive thoughts. If you and your family are safe and healthy, that is the least you can be grateful for, now.

10.Spend at least 15 min alone

Fix this time in your routine. Give yourself a break from all the overwhelming demands. Make it a point to spend a little time in your own company. Get a free printable of easy self care tips here.

11.Make art/Create

Creating anything gives us a sense of accomplishment, it boosts our self esteem and enhances our mood. Something as simple as a drawing, a song that you record, a handwritten piece of your favorite quote or even a simple recipe are easy ideas to create.

Creating enhances self esteem

12.Limit screen time

Limit social media and news if it is making you anxious. Avoid mindless scrolling. You will never realize how much time you spent. Check out this list of 25 things to do other than checking your phone. 

13.Pick up a hobby

 Do we all have hobbies anymore? This the best time to pick up our good old hobbies. Remember those days when free time didn’t mean scrolling through the phone.

14.CReate a Playlist

Think about any favorite time of your life. Create a playlist of songs from those years. Feel the memories gushing in when you listen to it next time.

15.Plant a seed and watch it grow

This may not be the perfect spring to boost your gardening interests. Ever heard of micro-greens/ hydroponics? Set up your window garden by sprouting some green grams and mustards. Isn’t it cool to grow your own food?

16.Learn a new skill

Mastering a new skill will boost your self esteem. Learning something new is no more an impossible task. There are numerous tutorials all around the web. All you need is the will and patience.

17.Sort your photos

Now is a good time to take a walk down the memory lane going through all those old photos. Take prints, organize them into albums, share it with friends and see the joy spread.

18.Create vision board

Envision your  ideal life. Write down your most perfect life scenario. Create a collection of pictures that relate to your goals.  Fill it with affirmations. Read it daily. This is a great way to be focused and positive whenever you feel stressed. Check out these vision board ideas.

19.Make a quarantine diary

As the great saying goes, ‘This too shall pass”. Then once all this is done, we will look back and wonder how little we actually need to be happy in life. Years later how interesting would it be to turn back to the pages and see how much life changed in these few days.

20.Finally, Let GO!!

It is okay if you dont feel like cooking, order a take away. There are dirty dishes lying around but you want to hit the bed, that is okay too. Worried about schooling kids at home? Relax.. you are not alone; For now, just make sure they have the best time of their lives with you.  Our health and sanity need to be intact for everything else (at home) to function smoothly. Especially that of a homemaker’s. If that is not enough reason for you, you HAVE to read these self care quotes. It is better to start making changes now, rather than getting caught in the whirlwind of tasks and forgetting ‘the self care’ ritual.

Stay safe. Stay home. Stay strong.

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