11 ways to cope With Your Kid’s E-Learning routine

11 ways to cope With Your Kid’s E-Learning routine

We are all well adapted to the home environment by now. Our children have learned to accept their new schools as zoom, Cisco, hang out and the list goes on.

How are we embracing the new changes in our life?

Being a mother of two, and communicating with like-minded moms, I got to learn a lot during these two months. Initially we were perplexed when we heard schools are coming to our living rooms.

As parents, we were so curious to know how all this is actually going to happen. We had our doubts, and confusions.

But to our surprise the schools came forward fully equipped and prepared to fight the battle. Salute to the government and all the schools as a team for it.

We parents always want the best for our child, which is quite natural, maybe that is why we tend to criticize. We are overwhelmed with the pouring worksheets, incessant home work, solid projects and submissions together with home making. I have wrapped up some notions in this article that might help reduce our anxiety.  

🧗‍ If your child is small don’t stress too much, give them time they will pick up.

🙋‍ Allow the child to do their work on their own, assist only if required. We don’t want them to be dependent on us all the time. 

🙇‍ Comparison is very unhealthy for us and our children. It might reduce their confidence. 

🤦‍♀️ Remember when you are stressed as a parent, so is the child. Take things easy for the child learns to do the same.

🤲 This situation is not what we anticipated nor is this condition under anyone’s control. So let’s stop complaining and leave it to the Creator and take a deep breath.

🤝 We must understand that each one of us are going through the same scenario, and that most of us are emotionally disturbed due to many reasons. So, let us support, help and be thankful to each other. Specially for the teachers who are struggling to deliver the best to our children.

🤜🤛 It is not easy for us nor the teachers, but we have no choice, so let’s cope with it happily.

🤔 Still feeling uneasy? Then think about all those parents who are struggling to send their kids to schools since they lost job or are going through a financial crisis.

😇 If we are able to send our children to school, online/offline we are definitely blessed.

💗 We have a whole lot of things to be grateful for than to complain.

👩‍💻 Internet may get disconnected at times, but the connection between human minds never does.

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